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one for the record brooks. the northeast is hunkering down for an epic blizzard. classes already cabs el at schools in boston, rhode island and connecticut. store shelves are empty from new york to new england and thousands of flights are canceled across the country. >> on the other coast, a major manhunt is under way for a former cop turned murderer who has vowed to kill again. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now.
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it is straight up 6:00 on this friday, february 8th. what i way to head into the weekend, folks. we've got in winter storm moving through dropping everything from rain to snow depending on where you are out there watching. we want to see what you are experiencing. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a winter weather advisory is in effect for parts of our region as a light wintry mix falls but it is nothing compared to what is going on in the northeast and what they're bracing for. >> never thele, we have some school closings and delays out there. in virginia, culpeper county schools are closed. 12 month employees should report at 10:00 a.m. also closed fauquier, rappahannock and warren county schools. >> also in virginia, winchester city schools will open one hour late. clark, frederick, loudoun, page and prince william county schools will open two hours late. in maryland, howard county schools will open two hours late. >> and in west virginia, jefferson county schools or a two-hour delay.
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you can see the full list of closings and delays scrolling right now on the bottom of your screen and also on our web site, forecasters say the bridges about to hit parts of pennsylvania, new jersey, new york and new england could be historic. two feet of snow could bury parts of the i-59 corridor and wind speeds as high as 75 miles per hour could mean millions of pout power outages. people living in the danger zone spent yesterday stocking up on all those food supplies. before the first flakes even fell, the storm already impacting -- having an impact nationwide. airlines have canceled nearly 3,000 flights. amtrak will shut down service along the northeast corridor this afternoon. so everybody is hunkering down preparing for the worst. >> busy day. >> and it is the real deal. we are starting to see the storm move in pretty much as anticipated. rain south and east of washington. kind of a wintry mix across the immediate district and off to the north and west, we are
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dealing with a little bit of everything. sleet, freezing rain and even some snow. and some of our viewers out to the west are reporting a couple inches of accumulation at this point. snow will continue out there to the west. we'll transition areawide here on a cold rain by late morning and then later this afternoon, things willing get windy and cold. >> that is the local forecast. >> we'll talk more about new england as well. let's get to it and show you the rain showers that are coming down. steady rain now being reported in southern maryland and then generally the district, points north and west, particularly the northwest side of the district and you can see it there on the wesh side of the beltway, the pink you see, that is that wintry mix. it is all snow as you get further west. this will continue for several more hours and viewers are sending in pictures with a couple of inches of snow on the ground including reports of snow-covered roadways. likely any time we are talking about a rainy day in the washington area for a morning commute, that slows things down and mix in wintry conditions and i'm sure it is not great
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out there. here are your temperatures. the good news, much of the area is slightly above 32. it is miserable to be out there standing at the bus stop but at least we are not talking about temperatures in the 20s or we would have a real bad situation here. 35 in washington. 33 in dulles. your advisories, that dark red you see, those are blizzard warnings. you don't see those very often along the eastern seaboard, massachusetts, rhode island, cop con all the way down to new york city a he i, a blizzard warning. then as we get a little closer to washington here locally, all the purpose the counties you see, that is a winter weather advisory. you could expect in the counties in purple including montgomery county and loudoun county, the potential for a couple of inches of slushy accumulation. >> time now to check in with julie wright. she has been very busy monitoring the roads this morning. >> it started off quiet.
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it was just a little light rain that we were dealing with and new that wintry mix has set in. things are getting interesting here on the roads. northbound 5, the ramp to the outer loop troubled with an accident. coming independent bound on 66, you are waking up to, in some areas, aling light snow, then it changes over to the mix of rain and sleet before becoming all rain. snow-covered routes report now on 15 coming in from haymarket coming in from man as is. two separate accidents from before 15. some volume delays now reported in each direction. let's pop up the cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the highways. beltway for the most part north of town looks like you are dealing with wet pavement as you travel west of new hampshire avenue and continue around through silver spring. no problems to report south on 270. lanes are open, the volume slowing south of 109 headed out towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic.
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>> thank you. in california this morning, the all-ant manhunt for an ex- cop allegedly turned cop killer continues. this morning, police are searching a ski area east of los angeles. that is where investigators found the burned-out pickup truck belonging to former lloyd officer christopher dorner yesterday. police believe dorner has already killed three people as part of a revenge vow he made after being fired back in 2008. dorner posted a rambling manifesto on facebook and apparently sent a package to c inform n host anderson cooper. he is armed and has military training. fairfax county police say the serial respond hers that struck again and they have a new sketch they want to you see. take a look at. this there have been 18 incidents reported in and around springfield. all have the same suspect description and same m. o. . the man comes from behind and gropes women and runs. the attacks started in september. he has previously been described as having a beard. now, he is described as having
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either acne on his face or shaving bumps. a maryland mother is facing charges she murdered her 2-year- old. ly say chelsea booth has confessed to smothering her daughter cassidy. they believe she putted toddler's body any disum sister at their apartment come next in annapolis but investigators have not found it. her fends say she has a 4-year- old daughter. -- in a dumpster at their apartment complex in annapolis but investigators are not found it. some unhappy protestors kept interrupting the hearing for john brennan until final lit chairwoman order the room clears. brennan has taken a lot of heat from liberals as the architect of the preps appear drone program. but he said it is better to detain terrorists to get information from them. a vote on his confirmation to headed the cia is expected next
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thursday. for the washington redskins, the answer to the question is what's in a name is a lot of controversy. why critics are calling for a change in how fans are responding. >> first, find plans to create the world's largest airline. we'll be right back. o little m -- final plans to create the worm's largest airline. we'll be right back. -- the world's largest air palestine. we'll be right back. got you again? -- the world's largest airline. we'll be right back [ both laug] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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south boeing will begin test flights of the 787 as it tries to fix the battery problems that have grounded it for nearly a movement federal aviation administration gave the air loin the green light with restricts. boeing will have to conduct pre- flight testing and inspections along with in-flight monitoring. the flights are also limited to air space over unpopulated areas. there is talk of a big merger in the airline industry. >> american airlines and u.s. airways are close to a deal and if it goes through, it would create the biggest carrier in the world. the merger will be good for the two companies but customers may
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end up paying more. travelers say there are always other options. >> authority term, i don't think much is going to change. people's wallets right now tell exactly how much they will pay for tickets right now. >> long term, we'll pay more for our tick the price. >> i think that southwest and jetblue will continue to undercut them where price an even some services are concerned. >> the merger negotiations are not final yet but the two sides are trying to seal a deal by next week. coming up next, calls for change we'll hear from critics and fans of the washington redskins about whether the team's name and logo need to go. >> first, cutting the competition in half. we'll look back at idol's second night in hollywood. time now is 6:12. ♪
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the first week of hollywood auditions wrapped up for the guys on american idol thursday night and with it came a twist. 28 semifinalists instead of the expected 20 made it through to next week.
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the last round of cuts will have to wait until next week and next week, the ladies take over hollywood for their round of auditions. exciting times on the idol stage. >> somebody will be a star. >> can't wait. >> you're i big star today . >> i like to the think the storm is the big star. overnight, rain showers moved in locally of the just to our west werveg a lot of views are reporting either wintry mix or plain old snow out to the west. this is our latest pick from crystal hawkins. these in cul pepper county. these are in culpeper county. if you are just waking up, in addition to school delays, you will probably need a couple of extra minutes on the roads because it will be a slow go of it with the wintry mix and snow
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that continues to fall across the region. we want to encourage to you send us your pictures. let us know what you are getting. it is a big help to me and we can put your picture up on the air. here is the radar changing by the minute here. you can see generally washington, south and east, it is just rain and embedded is some pretty good rain rates here now pushing up through southern maryland. that will become yet another issue is places where we're getting some moderate if not heavy rain, there we go, just to the south and east. likely some sleet mixing in here as well. that is indicating likely some sleet. out to the west, the pink you see, that is that wintry mix and/or snow out toward leesburg, dulles still reporting some light snow at this hour. winchester has gotten snow overnight and front royal as well. wintry mix will continue out to the with is for the next several hours. -- out to the west for the next several hours.
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it will primarily by rain but that won't help your commute a whole lot. rain should push up to the north and west and as those warmer temperatures move in, it should become all rain areawide here by late morning. here is your satellite-radar. a two-parter. main system to the south and east. that will be our developing coastal storm and a big chunk of energy here out to the west asms this piece of energy slams into our area of low pressure, we call that process phasing. these will become one gigantic storm later this afternoon. that storm will slide up the coast and blizzard conditions expected from new york to boston, up to 2 feet of snow in eastern massachusetts, parts of new hampshire and vermont as this whole system winds down. for us, we are looking at clouds this afternoon and the winds pick up as the storm cranks up later this afternoon. blizzard conditions, on 2 feet plus north of the boston. 12 to 18 inches in new york city and connen could and locally here 1, 2, 3, maybe 4
6:19 am
inches of snow. northeast maryland if you are headed up towards baltimore, white marsh up into bel air, aberdeen, some more of that wraparound moisture could bring another inch or two of snow north and east of baltimore. these temperatures critical but most of the region now just above the freezing mark. that is good news. 42 for us the wintry mix trancing tying light rain this afternoon. cold and breezy out there. winds really pick up. check out your winds gusting to 40 later tonight. light rain could transition back to a brief period of snow here in washington. there is your accu-weather seven-day. we'll bounce back near 50 by monday and tuesday of next week. warm temperatures on the way. that is weather. let's do some traffic and julie, she has got your roads. what's up? >> a lot of wet pavement no matter where you're traveling in from this morning. i had some problems along northbound 5 along the outer loop to the beltway. the accident activity has moved on since we last reported that. lanes are open but slow-moving
6:20 am
traffic northbound on 5 trying to merge onto 459, 95, you will find the beltway as you travel through andrews trying to get past route 5 and headed in towards the wilson brim, simply dealing with wet pavement right now. just rain coming down to accompany this drive. but on the other side of town, that is a different story. let's pop up the maps for you. this is where we've had problems for folks traveling at 301678 the accident was tying up the left side of the highway to the west. a wintry mix if you will waking up to a little bit of snow traveling between the planes and haymarket. by the time you continue eastbound as we pull up the camera for this leaving manassas and fair oaks headed inbound towards vienna, it is simply wet pavement. depending on where you are traveling in from, you are getting a mix of tall. the closer you get to the beltway, i think the better the ride is overall. a wentery mix is what you're waking up to this morning. -- a wintry mix is what you're waking up to this morning.
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native american names, nicknames in sports take center stage at a special smithsonian discussion and public enemy number one, the washington redskins. panel i haves at the event yesterday debated the racial stereotypes surrounding the team's name and logo. critics want to the team owners to change the name and even called on people to boycott the home team and its sponsors. >> we get to that place where we start chastising our friends, our you are relatives and our neighbors for using that word, making it up acceptable, that is what things will change j over the years, the team's owners have opposed a name change citing tradition. but others say money is the real reason. the redskin organization is not responding to the forum or the demands. we want to hear your thoughts on this issue. we posted the question on our facebook page. washington redskins an offensive name or part of tradition. tell us your thoughts. we want to hear from you. a brand-new comment this morning was posted by jim downs who says i think the symbol and
6:22 am
name for the washington redskins depicts the heritage, strength and character, bravery of our origination and demands respect. leave it alone. back over to you. >> thank you. coming up next, we go live to fox business ned work in new york. if you run late for work a few times a week, you might not be alone. can you tune in to fox 5 morning news on the go. we are streaming our newscast live on your cell phone. for more details, log onto  [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin.
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facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful if you find yourself frequently running late for work, you are not alone. we'll get more on that story from lauren simonetti with fox business network in new york. she is live in new york with this story and a whole lot more. first, we'll talk about the markets because that is really, really important. good morning and happy friday.
6:26 am
>> good morning. the market, the opening bell is always on time. 9:30 eastern and we are three minutes ahead of that looking at a flat to slightly mixed open. the strong january start to the year kind of faded. so we had the dow off 42 points yesterday, off three for the nasdaq. ditto for the s&p 500. sea saw stocks more sensitive to global growth like materials an energy. they sold off the most. there is some concern about the strength of the economy here at home. >> and a new report suggests or says that being late for work, you are not alone. there are a lot of people who are late for work. >> career builder says 16% of people say they're late at least once a week but you got to be eafl. even if no one says anything, your boss is watching. a third of hiring managers have fired somebody for being tardy and some of of the excuses are just crazy, wisdom. everything from the common ones like public transportation problems, traffic and you have
6:27 am
to drop the kids off at day care to all the recent versions and the modern day versions of the dog ate my homeworken my best excuse would be that the doorknow came off the front door. >> and that is true for you? >> what is your best excuse in. >> i'm never late so i don't have an excuse. >> never, not once. >> before we let you go, we have to talk about this. valentine's day is coming up. what is the deal? men are now outspending women on valentine's day? >> they are spending more than $120 more than women so men are expected to spend $287. women, $164 on their sweetie this valentine's day. the coupon site retail me not also make a recommendation. they say please, wisdom, do not buy your lucky lady a jim membership or any form of
6:28 am
exercise equipment. that is the worst possible gift you could get her. i wouldn't mind it but most women don't like that. i could use a jim membership. >> good thing i kept the receipt. >> i wonder if fancy close fall into that category. thanks for my great yoga pants. is that a hint i need to lose weight. >> i've got that outfit. >> sarah says she got that outfit. i guess it is okay. >> did you like it? >> what was your reaction to it. >> she says she loved it. >> there you go. not that bad after all. >> good to see you. have a great weekend. >> you too. see you monday. >> we'll be right back in just a moment. [ male announ to this symphony of flavor:
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just a reminder. due to the winter weather that we are experiencing, a lot of
6:32 am
school closings and delays across virginia, west virginia and maryland. you can see the full list scrolling across the bottom of your screen right there and also on >> time now to turn thing over to tucker barnes. he can give us an update on the situation right now. they got it really bad in boston area, new york. we have some stuff here but nothing compared to boston. >> the storm has not yet moved into new york and boston. just starting to arrive in new york as we speak. we've had viewers that have reported a couple of inches of snow on the ground. let's get to the radar. it is roughly 95 and point to the north and west that are dealing with the wintry mix. if you are south an east, it is a rain. i want to mention as well, here in southern maryland, lower eastern shore, it is a steady rain. that is an issue as the rain
6:33 am
will be coming down in southern maryland here for the next couple of hours. you got to look kind of carefully here. this is a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain off to the west. things will transition over to rain by late morning. until then, things aren't going to be great out to the west. it is a one-two combination. i'll have more on what is going to be happening here. it is a process of what we call phasing. all right. here are owl you're advisories. the bright red you see in connecticut and rhode island and eastern massachusetts, blizzard warnings and then we've got winter storm warnings in pink and locally a winter weather advisory for the counties in purple here until 10:00 this morning as we continue to be dealing with this wintry mix here for the
6:34 am
next couple of hours. wintry mix continues i think through late morning and then most of the us will see just clouds, maybe a little light rain this afternoon. winds are going to pick up and we could do a few snow showers or a few bands of snow as the whole system wraps up and pushes off north and east. wintry mi rain or plain old rain depending wrawr he watching. cold and becoming breezy late this afternoon with winds later tonight 30, maybe 40 miles per hour. >> we may not get a ton of snow but we're getting everything else like the wind and rain and sleet. >> thank you, tucker. >> here is julie wright. >> okay. well, if i'm doing weather, let me just tell you, it is sunny, 85. there is a tropical breeze, yes. on the east side of town, this is mainly where we're dealing with wet pavement because of that steady rain that tucker just talked about. let me warn you of the stalled
6:35 am
car that is still in play inbound route 4 at gower house road. 66 has been a mess, a snowy commute for starters for folks traveling in from the plains headed in to hay hey market. it is that wintry mix that continues as you head eastbound in towards manassas and dealing with rain from fair oaks headed east to the beltway. a couple accidents have popped up. both have been cleared over to the shoulder. we'll show you what else is happening out here. this is nix with the wet pavement to acome your drive from fair oaks to 123. southbound 270 hooking through the raindrops. no accidents but volume delays approaching and passing 109 germantown headed out towards 370. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. and now to more on that massive winter storm set to pound the northeast this weekend. people from new york to maine are preparing for the worst. the storm is already causing big travel woes across the country. sherry ly is live at reagan national airport with the
6:36 am
latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you have a flight in or out of the northeast later today or tomorrow, you may not be going anywhere. more than 2600 flights have already been canceled and it could have a ripple effect on flights across the country as people from new york to new england brace for what could be a historic blizzard. crews are gearing up now with salt trucks and snow plows hitting roads ready as this massive storm approaches. the nor'easter could dump two to three feet of snow in some areas paralyzing the region. people hit stores stocking up on food, snow shovels and supplies yesterday prepared, if they are snowed in. emergency officials are warning this is a very dangerous storm. >> washington -- boston police and the traffic department will be out on the streets of our city notifying the people to tell them about the snow emergency in the city of boston as we go forward.
6:37 am
>> there is something like 6300 miles of new york city to be plowed and salted and that is like going from here to los angeles and back. so it is a lot of street. >> reporter: some areas have already canceled schools today and in connecticut and massachusetts, nonessential government workers have already been ordered to stay home. you're lines are issuing what they call weather waivers. that allows people to rebach their flights without paying any kind of change fee ti. point, we only have one cancellation on a flight into boston this morning but expect to see more cancellations here at reagan national as we go throughout the day. that is the latest here. back to you. to you. d.c.'s ethics board says it will not pursue evidence it found against councilmember jim graham for violating city's code of conduct. the board says further action
6:38 am
cannot be taken because it happened before the ethics board was created. secret information in the chandra levy case will stay secret for now anyway. the prosecutors apparently learned this new information and met with the judge in december but little from that hearing is on the record. lawyers for ingmar guandique want the information released but a d.c. judge ruled yesterday it will remain sealed until at least april. and first lady michelle obama is heading back to chicago for the weekend. she is scheduled to attend the funeral of hadea pendleton, the 15-year-old who died in a shooting just days after performing during the president's inauguration. time now for the morning line. topping today's morning line,
6:39 am
caps. the caps have now dropped five of their last six. good enough for worst in the entire nhl. we're still celebrating or some people are still celebrating in baltimore and ray lewis, he may have retired but ravens fans may still see him around m & t bank stadium because the team's owner might put up a statue in the near future. he says lewis has set himself apart in charm city sports history. maybe they'll put up a statue of ray doing the dance or holding the trophy. kevin mccarthy joins us live for a look at steven soderbergh's last big screen effort. we'll be right back. 
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a new comedy starring melissa mccaring yip and jason bateman opens today. and mccarthy plays a con woman on the run from baseman as she steal his identity. joining us now is kevin mccarthy from wap. >> i like the little graphic. i'm really excited about that. >> -- from 106.7 the fan. >> we have veryling time so let's get right to the movies this morning. identity thief is one we just mentioned there. i had really high hopes for this movie. >> she is amazing. she was nominated for an oscar for the performance in bridesmaids. you know that her husband is that u.s. air marshal on the plane in bridesmaids. >> he looks like he is going to crack up the whole time in the movie. >> the problem with this film is that it ultimately fails in the first 15 minutes. the whole idea is melissa mccarthy's character, she is justify a horrible despicable human being because she is rupeing this guy's life. she steals his identity,
6:44 am
commits crime based on having his name and he has to travel from denver to leave his kids to florida and drive her back from florida to denver on a road trip and it is this horrifying experience because her character is so bad that have you no redeemable qualities about her whatsoever that she begins to annoy the audience. you have a character who is annoying in a movie but not annoying the audience. these jokes, i mean there are all the funny parts. it was all in the trailer. you've seen all the funny parts already and those parts aren't that funny to begin with. and jason bateman's character has to be the dumbest guy on the planet. he is making these crazy decisions. this was one point where i counted the number of speakers in the theater. i think it was like seven or eight because i was so bored. now, rapper ti, he has some funny parts in the film.
6:45 am
there are some decent scenes later on but her character is so bad that you don't care about the manipulation of her character becoming redeemable. i gave day one and a half out of five. skip. it it is not funny. all the funny parts are in the trailer. that is the best thing you have to look forward to. >> can we at least look forward to the next movie, side effects. >> yes, side effects is amazing. steven soderbergh, i think he is one of the most diverse directors working today. he is retiring. this is his last big screen feature film. enhas done traffic, sex, lies and videotape, oceans 11, erin brockovich. this deals with a couple. she takes a described drug that gives her some nasty side effects. it is a very deceptive and interesting plot line.
6:46 am
the movie takes so many insanely crazy turns during the film. -- she takes a prescribed drug that gives her some nasty side effects. it is shot beautifully, scored beautifully. i love his yellow tint to his movies. it looks so amazing. and he is just one of best story tellers around. he is retiring. he has one more movie coming out. make sure you do not show up late. the wait the story tolling is told, can you not miss a single second of the beginning. you have to get there right on time. it is worth seeing. a four and a half out of five for side effects. >> you wanted to real quick talk about something. >> top gun 3-d. they are take the rornl negative scans from the film prints and converting
6:47 am
every single frame. the fighter pilot sequences look insane. this taking the original negative scans from the film prints. >> top gun coming back. >> and follow me on twitter. and next week on fox 5, we have bros willis, exclusive interview here in the market as well as the cast of beautiful creatures. >> thank you, kevin. >> over to you. >> top gun 3-d. >> i love that. >> fun, man. >> great movie. >> i don't know about that. >> here is the deal. i felt pressure to be like a man in uniform for years after that. i can never live up to that image. i don't know if i'm he ready for that to come back. we've got rain moving in across the area. wintry mix to the inorganic and west as well. that will continue for a few more hours. a couple of inches of snow in spots out here and then sleet. it will become a slushy mess as we get into the next couple of
6:48 am
hours. heavy rain now pushing up into prince george's county, push into parts of charles county as well and this too without it being a wintry mix will likely cause some travel issues. that rain is really coming down. could be some sleet mixed in here ads well as we have reports of pretty cold air along the surface here. temperatures right now running in the low to mid-30s so temperatures very cold. very c big storm system cranking up off the coast. this will be the one for the record books, of course, up towards new york and boston. what is happenling here is there is a phasing -- happening here is there is a phasing process that takes place that. will take place too late for us to see much in the way of winter weather other than the wintry mix we are getting early this morning. as that storm pushes off to the north and east, we'll have light rain around here with temperatures about 40 and later tonight be maybe some with respectaround snow will move in as the storm system exits and really bottoms out. there is your area of low
6:49 am
pressure at 1:00 this afternoon. really starting to develop. watch the snow off to the north and east. there is that wraparound snow. we might see a few bands of light snow showers even here in washington later this evening. when all is said and done being 1, maybe 2 feet of snow. cold and very breezy this afternoon. winds are really going to pick up later this afternoon and tonight as that storm cranks up. 28 the overnight low with winds out of the north appear west here gusting to 40. very blustery. light rain tonight, could transition to snow showers for parts of the area. howard county as you get up towards baltimore, northeast maryland, best chance for some of that snow later tonight. there is your accu-weather, seven-day forecast, cold and windy tomorrow. good day to go to the movies, join kevin and temperatures get up near 50 next monday or
6:50 am
tuesday. >> all right. we'll need that. hopefully, they'll get the temperatures up north to melt all that snow. >> once you get a big snow pack, it takes a while to melt that off as we know. >> hello. i'm so disappointed to hear about identity thief. >> i was too. >> i had high hopes for that. >> melissa mccarthy. maybe she can get it right the next time. >> i do want to see side effects though. >> guess what it is time for. ask tony and tucker, most popular segment some morning television except for kevin mccarthy's movie reviews. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. it all has to end at some point. today's question comes prosecute yes, sire. there is a popular saying, the calm before the storm. is there always calm before the storm. >> a straightforward question. >> good question.
6:51 am
>> off the top of my head, since i've done no research, i'm going to say -- well, before some storms, yeah, it does get very, very calm. >> in fact, there is a calm before certain events, certain storms. we have some video before calm before a storm. >> the typical calm we have here before the storm. >> it is people making a run for the milk and toilet paper. >> we should feed this -- speed some video up. >> the panic that takes place. >> generator being bought. >> snow blowers. >> you mention the word snow. >> you w what is fuy abou that. >> when you got a historic storm, i understand the stocking up on supplies. for our typical winters here when you talk about maybe 4 inches, the amount of food and toil the paper are buying, it is like they think they'll be trapped for weeks.
6:52 am
>> i know. i went to the store yesterday and we have said it would be rain here. middle of the afternoon, you couldn't believe how many people were there. i thought this is not normal. get away from the toilet paper. step away from it. don't give into to the urge. >> that is funny. >> it is really -- it really depends on what storm we're talking about. all kind of different storms on planet earth. i think there is some truth to the thunderstorms that we see process of a thunderstorm developing is air gets drawn up into the storm where it is raining and where you are getting the thunder and lightning in the storm. but that process, air goes up into the top of the atmosphere and comes out and descend out in front ever the storm so you get calm conditions before a thunderstorm. that is why it can get very still identify little while and around here, it gets hot and humid. in particular, thunderstorms, there is a calm before a storm. when you are talking about mid- latitude cyclones like this big area of low pressure, this
6:53 am
nor'easter we're dealing with today. not sure there is a calm before the storm y not much. and people commonly report, for example, in tornado alley, that again primarily in the spring and summertime, when you have a severe weather breaking out, sometimes before a tornado, there are reports that things seem eerily calm. it is like everything quiets down and you can kind of feel in the air that something about is to happen and then you get the havoc of the tornado. >> that would be related to thunderstorm activity because tornadoes of course develop into thunderstorms primarily out to the west. >> it depends on the storm system. for example, this storm system that is about to hit the northeast, when you get with that type of system is a gradual deterioration of the conditions in the atmosphere. so it is not really this sudden calm. it is just thin start to get from bad to worse. >> hurricanes for that matter. the hurricane that moved
6:54 am
through a few years ago, the day after irene, incredibly beautiful. >> even after some of the thunderstorms in the summertime when it is hot and humid and the violent worth comes through. >> so calm before certain storms. >> right, right. >> right. >> jessie, hope you enjoyed that. thank you for the question. great question. if you have a question you would like to have answered, all you need to to is go to and click on the weather tab. >> what is it? >> i little bob difficult in. >> shelter from the storm. >> very good. >> classic dylan. >> let's check in with julie now to get latest on traffic. >> milk, bread, toilet paper and don't forget the bottle of red. >> absolutely. >> cloudy over here. upper loop of the beltway in
6:55 am
virginia at 236, right side of the roadway blocked off with this crash and we do have delays headed into the district southbound bw parkway at 410. accident reported and trouble at new york avenue, west virginia, montana, treat this intersection as a four-way stop. we'll show you what is happening here in virginia. southbound 95 at route 1 on the southbound side of the interstate, the two right lanes remain closed off because of this crash. delays are forming back in newington heading south. waking up to the wasn'tery mix coming out of culpeper and orange county and stafford. mainly rain headed north of of dale city up to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. a ham more with fox 5 morning news after this. & cheese a or a tuna salad when the job is done, sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris on this friday. the question is, how are you celebrating chinese new year? to get the answer, you need to go to the source.
6:59 am
literally, you need to go to the source. you can see they are set and ready for chinese new year. there's a huge parade on sunday. we're going to find out all about that, how you can see it. we're also going to talk about what's going on here at the restaurant in terms of they have a cooking class saturday. they have a reception that will go on with would feel gang puck himself monday. and a celebration of a chinese new year menu. it is the year of the snake, wisdom and sarah. >> please tell me you don't have live snakes there today. you know how i'm going to get if you do. >> me, too. >> that's it for the 6:00 hour. >> let's send it over to allison

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